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Gaming has no set Schedule as of right now. More or less its whenever I get some spare time. Current game I'm playing is Dust an Elysian Tail. Oh, for the love of... I wish I had more time for games, but alas life is life and it keeps me busy. 

Afternoon Anime Blast is a weekly show for an online anime fan club. Drop by and watch a little, we love making new friends who love anime.

Shown at 5:20PM to about 10:30PM EST every Saturday afternoon. The Afternoon Anime Blast Line up is:

*My Roommate is a Cat (sub)

*Tari Tari (sub)

*Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (sub)

*Danchigai (sub)

*Candy Candy(sub)

*Gegege no Kitaro 2018 (sub)

*Princess Jellyfish (dub) Jazzy's Rewind

*Kikou Senki Dragonar (sub)

*Super Robot Wars Divine Wars (sub)

*Attack No.1 (sub)

*Ganbarist! Shun (sub)



After the Afternoon Anime Blast join us for 

Also do not miss out on Paychistream's Shonen-Friday nights as well. Starting at 11pm Eastern.

Tuesday nights feature

Fattystream's line up can be found here at Ctarl Ctarl listings.

Anime fun doesn't end with the Afternoon Anime Blast.

TokuSundays are featured in

HallHouse line up can be found here at Ctarl Ctarl listings along with other great streamers threw out the week.

Welcome to the Afternoon Anime Blast.

Afternoon Anime Blast Schedule

Schedule for Afternoon Anime Blast

Detailed listing of anime shows for the Afternoon Anime Blast

Well it happens every so often and one of us misses a stream and we need someone to cover the time slot. OverStream and Aswadfstream have been doing a great job with filling in those times of need with some super funny stuff.  So keep and eye out for these unplanned events on the Ctarl Ctarl Event listings.

Thursdays bring non other than Zomstream. An interesting mix of all the shows you love.

Mondays are time for all the anime and pancakes you eat. Join us in Common's breakfast club, which oddly enough starts at 8pm Eastern.

Love robots? Do not miss Bane's Robotopia and Grill. Serving up a nice line up of the best anime on Wednesdays.

If you slept in too late for Sunday morning cartoons join us in the afternoon for the Meatlocker.