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Welcome to the Afternoon Anime Blast.

Needing somewhere to go when the Afternoon Anime Blast is off the air? Well so do we. Try out these favorite sites for you anime needs.

Crunchyroll a great place for both new and old anime.

Hulu another great site for anime shows. Just search under Anime in the Genre drop down menu.

FUNimation with shows and simulcasts for the anime fan. Plus hard copies of your favorite shows.

Toonami Aftermath is a free fan website streaming everything from classic Toonami show to cool cartoons shows.

The Anime Network pretty much self explanatory, Anime Anime and more Anime.

Afternoon Anime Blast Links

Afternoon Anime Blast Favorite Sites

Afternoon Anime Blasts favorite Anime links on the web

The Ctarl Ctarl Empire is the home page of all the evening streamers of the Empire. 

Right Stuf a great place for buying hard copies of your favorite shows on DVD and Blueray. Also all kinds of Anime Merchandise to fill your heart's desire.

TheHylia is a great place to download anime when all other sites fail with streaming or hard copies. Lots of hard to get titles here. Note all shows go by their Japanese names.

When commercial outlets decide that a show is not worthy of bringing State side there is a fleet of fan subbers who love subtitling their favorite shows. A truly thankless hobby so support their efforts when you can.

The Skaro Hunting Society is a great site and covers some cool Anime and Toku shows from the 1980's and earlier.

Hokuto no Gun this team is known for doing high quality subs of many classic shows. 

HorribleSubs this team of fansubbers seems to produce titles at an astonishing rate. Lots of new shows listed here.

FFFansubs is a highly recommended team with some really good titles in their portfolio.

Mazui an older group that we all hope gets back up and running. Still some good show listed. 

Gone but not forgotten groups of fan subbers. Hey things come up in life and priorities change. But we can always hope these subbers return their old love of anime. 

Unlimited Translation Works another older site that used to produce high quality work. 

After you have finished watching all the anime until your eyes bleed, here is a handy guide on how to spend your dollars. Note with all these sites Caveat emptor rules apply, do your homework and read reviews.

Jlist a great general merchandise site with something for everyone. Has both age friendly and more adult sites.

Robert's Anime Corner Store is another great site in the art of the spending the paycheck on super cool anime related items. 

AmiAmi is a great online hobby shop with all kinds of goods waiting to fill your shelves.

The Big Bad Toy Store covering just about everything you think of this site does have something for everyone even if you didn't know you needed it in the first place.

Hobby Link Japan is a wonderful source for anime related goods.

Right Stuf has more than just DVDs and Blurays, so check out their other goods too.

HobbySearch is a source for PVC Anime figurines and some other nice Japanese oriented hobbies.

Entertainment Earth covers general merchandise but also has an Anime related site listed here. 

Anime Island is an interesting site often noted for getting items way after Japanese direct shops, due to shipping. However this does lead to them having sold out items from time to time. Can not find elsewhere try here. 

Can not find what your looking for on the above sites. How about going straight to Japan with these proxy services.

Buyee a Japanese merchandise proxy service.

Treasure Japan another proxy service for your merchandise needs.

One of the great things I love to buy is actual cels from my favorite Animes. Long past is the day that each cel was painted thou, with the take over of computer animation cels are becoming a thing of the past. But still it is nice to have a piece of your favorite classic shows.

Animanga is a wonder cel shop with lots of hard to get titles and nice A1 cels for sale.

Anime-cel is a cool little site that I have had the pleasure of doing business with in the past.

AnimeEd is another smaller site selling the overflow of a collection. Still has some really good cels for sale. 

Anime-link is a larger site with lots of titles in which one can choose cels to purchase. 

Asylum Anime is another larger site with many titles in there listings.

Luna-Art is a small site selling off the overflow of a collection. Covering only a few shows but within those shows are some really cool cels for sale.

Rubberslug is an interesting site with galleries to show off your collection, a forum and most importantly a market place to spend those dollars on original art work.

Takamura Store direct from Japan this shop deals in anime cels, backgrounds and genga/douga.

Need help with what to watch, listen or buy. Maybe these reviewers will help you out.

Banzai Beat Anime Podcast is run by a long time friend JelloKun. This fun informal podcast is great for finding out what to watch and what to skip. 

G-Nitro is another long time friend on twitter GNitro. This site has something for everyone as GNitro has a hand into everything. 

Otakumouse give nice reviews of figures with lots of high quality pictures before you spend your money.

MyFigureCollection is nice site covering most figures. Giving you a few pictures of each figure. With current price when posted and where to buy guide at posting date.

A space for all of those other sites that are fun on web.

The Jim and Them Show is insanity in podcast form. This 3 hour slot of fun is not to be missed. Who knows what topic will be covered from week to week, you got to tune in to find out! Featuring my twitter friend VanSavesLives.

ZOMG ZUFALL sweet sweet ZuFall! Who loves the Chocolate? Click on the Random at the bottom of the page for more fun. 

Need an opinion for something well these sites give plenty.

G-Nitro is a long time twitter friend who site covers lots of topics including K-pop, gaming, anime and YES BEER!

MyAnimeList is a great site if you have an anime title but don't know what it is about. This site has saved me from a few anime duds.